The Art Cabriolet


Student Ambassador Award for Art Cabriolet

‘SAAAC’ Program


SAAAC is an initiative set up by the Art Cabriolet to award students throughout Victorian schools who demonstrate and participate in philanthropic initiatives of their own accord.  Children, through their own personal growth, who bring charitable consciousness and activity into their school are recognized and awarded for their efforts in this program. 

Philanthropic Initiatives at Primary and Secondary Years include:

  • Demonstration in leadership by initiating ideas and projects which instigate the following outcome/s:
    • Increase awareness of the Art Cabriolet as an organization to an entire school community by initiating charitable projects
    • Raise funds for specific Art Cabriolet programs run by original start up ideas that engages part/entire school community or local community
    • Implementation of programs through personal awareness and development, leadership, creativity, resourcefulness in ideas, ingenuity in thought to bring charitable consciousness to other children
  • The Award Program involves the following:
    • Public acknowledgement of the student’s work at a nominated school assembly
    • Certificate of appreciation and a badge of honor with SAAAC initials. 
    • An invitation to the Art Cabriolet's annual SAAAC lunch gathering children from all schools who participate in the SAAAC program, to share stories and be acknowledged for their pursuit of philanthropy, young men and women being instrumental in the act of giving to those less fortunate.