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A Not-for-Profit organization, the Art Cabriolet (AC) provides multiple platforms in creative art therapies for the expression, experience and understanding of personal trauma for children/adolescents. We target remedial outcomes for children/adolescents braving trauma or living in challenging circumstances.

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Bromley & Co.
Art Cabriolet Ambassador

Born in 1960 in Sheffield, England, David Bromley immigrated to Australia with his family in 1964 and emerged as a painter in the m...

Julian Clavijo
Art Cabriolet Ambassador

Julian Clavijo is an international renowned artist, born in Colombia, living and working in Melbourne since 2008. A ...

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The Art Cabriolet builds programs in accordance to the needs and demographics of organisations that work with children/adolescents experiencing trauma. We utilize therapeutic creative art processes to enhance and support post traumatic growth and build resilience, hope and self-esteem in children/adolescents.

Art Speak

Working daily with children in respite at hospice who are severely disabled and suffering from life-threatening condi...

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When you make a donation to the Art Cabriolet you are ensuring that our programs are able to continue reaching the hundreds of children and adolescents we support. Our dream is to create a home for the Art Cabriolet where children, adolescents and their families can drop in and engage in creative expression with qualified art therapists.

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THANK YOU to ALL our Fabulous Women - WE RAISED $22,322.09!!! Thursday the 8th of March saw the Art Cabriolet celebrate International Women's Day, by hosting our first event of 2018, our Ladies Lunch.

Loaded Brush & Gavel 2018

SAVE THE DATE This event is the Art Cabriolet’s high-end art auction, held bi-annually at prestigious fine art galleries across Victoria during the Melbourne winter.