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The Art Cabriolet (AC) provides Creative Art Therapies (CAT) practice to children, adolescents, families and communities braving physical, psychological and emotional trauma. AC is aligned and partnered with local hospitals, hospices, schools and organisations working with children, adolescents and families facing adversity.

AC delivers best practice initiatives for its programs at the highest level focusing on the integrity and respect for the children and their families braving trauma. AC is self-funded through its own fund-raising initiatives and philanthropic grants.

AC produces safe, creative and thriving environments fostering growth and development for those in need. Educative and restorative Creative Art Therapies are implemented to nurture mental health, general well-being, increase self-esteem, promote self-empowerment and build resiliency.

AC employs qualified Art Therapists and works with volunteers and placement students from tertiary institutions. CAT programs are designed to work within clinical (nursing, physiotherapists, social workers, psychologists) and non-clinical populations (teachers, outreach)


Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement

Art Cabriolet champions Creative Art Therapy programs and services. We are a mission-driven organization delivering positive change through Creative Art Therapies to the lives of people affected by trauma. 

Vision Statement

A world where Creative Art Therapy empowers humans. Create Heal Thrive


Honesty Courage Creativity Collaboration Partnership Trust

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